Happy Christmas

Today was a good day.

I am sure I’ve written about Christmas before, but since it’s my policy not to go back and look at things I have written before, I’m not checking to see what I’ve written.

I like using Happy for two reasons.  One, I can be pretentious and all English, since they use “Happy” instead of “Merry”, which I know isn’t entirely the case, but I like to be different from everybody else that way. Two, I think it’s more apporpriate for me.

I like Christmas, but at the same time I don’t.  I think it’s a wonderful thing, but not how it is.  I’m Christian so of course it’s important from the religious sense.  But, it’s all good to be friendly and kind to your neighbors.  One of the most perfect things to ever be shown on TV is “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”  It’s wonderful.  That’s Christmas.  And it’s also very anti-Christmas at the same time, criticising the crass comercialism.

I think that aspect of Christmas is even worse these days.  Do we need to give people tacky presents of things they don’t need or even want?  I don’t need to get presents: I’m an adult.  I can buy what I want.  I like the idea of somebody thinking of something to give me that I would like, but it doesn’t have to be a big thing.  Small thoughtful gifts are much better than the gobs of money being thrown at the mass variety of disposable goods.


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