Holy shit!

So, by now, readers are aware that before I begin my post of the day, I give an update on how may day was, and whether it was a good day or a bad day, but I’m going to skip that and end my post with it.

Since mid-September or so, I’ve been working on drawing, which I believe I have talked about before on my blog, in one form or another.  I’m not particularly good at it because I’ve really only been doing it since then and I’m entirely self-taught.  Also, as is pretty much obvious from most of my posts, I have absolutely no self-esteem, and boy does it apply to my drawings and my artistic ability.

I have a tumblr blog where I post the things I’ve done.  I did Inktober, I do fan works for those things I like and for things others like, and I try and draw every day, even if it’s just a quick sketch in my little book.  I had posted a Doctor Who picture I had done yesterday, and the official tumblr reblogged it.  Holy shit. And then, not only did they reblog it, but people kept liking it and reblogging it.  Holy fucking shit.  I’m competely floored.  Not because I think it’s no good, because even I think it’s not all that bad, but that so many people thought it was good enough to like and share it.

I honestly can’t believe it happened.  Totally serious.  I’ve had random people like other pieces, but that’s one or two here and there.  Nothing like this.  And I’m thrilled. Of course, I’m already looking at the down side of this and that nothing I ever do again will be liked by as many people. But at least for today, I’m enjoying this.

So how was my day?  Today was an awesome day.


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