Today was a good day.

Oviously, I was not spontaneously generated from the ground, so I have a family.  Two parents and a brother.  He’s married with two kids.  Plus my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin.  It’s not a big family.  Even if we add in my wife’s family, we’re not talking about massive amounts of people.

It would be an understatement to say I’m not close to my family.  When I talk to people about my family, they’re a little surprised.  I can go weeks without talking to them, and to clarify things, I mean my parents. A lot of people I work with will talk to their parents daily, or at least once a week.  Not me.  And usually when I call them, it’s at the prompting of my wife. (She talks to her mom once a week, at least)

Not that my parents calls me any more frequently.   Well, maybe a little more.  We don’t communicate a lot.  My mom sends e-mail about once a week.  She used to write letters, but she has since made the transition to e-mail.  And my mom would call my grandpa every day.

We’re not a talkative family.  When we get together, I have a list of things to talk to my parents about, and when that’s done, it’s done.  We’re not the kind of people who make a lot of small talk.  Why talk if there’s nothing to say?

As for my brother, well, I don’t care about him.  Not in a callous, disregard of him, but I just don’t care.  I hope he’s happy.  I just don’t want to be involved with him.  Communication with him is even worse.  We don’t talk, only when it is absolutely necessary.   And I like it that way.

People don’t understand how we relate to each other, which is fine.  Maybe things would have been better with my depression if I did talk more with my family, but I doubt it.  I think being allowed to work through a lot of this on my own is what has been best for me.


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