Today was a good day.

I’ve been doing this thing called Inktober.  It’s drawing something for every day of the month, with an “official” list of prompts for each day.  There are five more days of the month, but I’m actually already done with all of them.  I worked ahead because since I’m new to the whole drawing thing, I thought it would be best to give myself extra time in case I ran into any that were difficult.

It’s been good for me.  I’ve been able to focus my attention on drawing, and since I’m going to be stuck at a CLE on Friday, I plan on working on figures, see if I can do a less realistic style and work on heads and hands.  There’s a picture I plan to do based on something my wife did, and I would like to be slightly better at doing people than I am right now.

The problem with the prompt list is that sometimes, I’ll see a prompt, and depending on the mood I’m in, come up with something really awful.  For instance, two of the recent prompts were “burn” and “wreck.”  For “burn” I wanted to draw a picture of myself on fire, because I really wasn’t liking myself that day, and for “wreck” I wanted to draw a picture of my drawings, because as is typical of me, I don’t think what I do is any good and it’s all just a wreck.

My inability to draw probably came in handy for both of those.  Trying to draw myself for “burn” wasn’t going to happen because I’m not good at drawing figures, as I mentioned before.  And a picture of my drawings was too complicated for “wreck”, and I was able to come up with alternatives that had nothing to do with me.  THe good thing is that for the awful moods I was in, as I worked on the drawings, I completely forgot about how bad everything was.  The drawing I did for “wreck” took me several hours to complete and is probably one of the most complex ones I’ve done in the month.  (It’s not saying much because I don’t think it’s really overly complex, but I spent a lot of time on it to make it turn out half decent.)

Sometimes, all you need is something to distract you so you don’t think about the bad things.


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