Today was a good day.

Things are going well, although it’s been a bit hectic.  We’ve been having to get ready for my daughter’s 15th birthday party (Don’t ask me why she’s having one.  I think she should have just invited a few friends out for dinner, but I’m not the one that makes these decisions.  Initially she wanted a sleepover, so I should be thankful for that.).  That means cleaning the house, making a pie, all that good stuff.

Work has also been incredibly frustrating.  For three days in a row, one of the judges I appeared in front of refused to follow logic, made her own decisions in three cases just based on her personal feelings about various parties in the cases, and in one of the cases did something that is illegal.  Not super bad, but not something she is allowed to do.  I’d appeal it, but due to the nature of the case, by the time the appeal is heard, the issue would be moot.

I did read an interesting article today.  It’s entitled “How do Sports Support Mental Health”.  It’s an interesting article that looks at how various organizations help former players when it comes to issues of addiction and mental health.  In the US, sadly, the largest organization, the NFL, does very little.


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