New venture (part 1.)

Today was a good day.

I’ve discovered a new hobby.  I’m still working on learning the guitar, but that’s taking a while, which I expected.  And it’s not technically a new hobby.

I started drawing again.  It’s a way to be creative and relax myself.  I’ve done a bunch of mostly pencil drawing, some with colors, some inked.  It’s definitely something that I like working at.

My wife even showed me something called Inktober, which is a way to draw each day for the month of October.  That has been more of a challenge because some of the official prompts are very ambiguous, like “Collect”.  I ended up drawing, and I hate saying it this way, an old fashioned phone booth, like in having to make a collect call.   Some are quite difficult, but some are surprisingly easy.

I’m just trying to do fun, relaxing, creative things, and this is definitely something I’ll keep working on for the time to come.


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