My wife

Today was a good day.

I can’t say enough about my wife.  We’ve been married 16 years, been together over 20 years.  We’re actually at the point where we’ve been together, dating and marriage, for over half of our lives.  It’s somewhat mind-blowing to think about it in that way.  I’m half the age of my father.  It was only a couple years ago that I was the same age as he was when I was born.

I love my wife.  A lot.  And while I would say it goes without saying, my job involves too many people that at one time were together with somebody but now aren’t.  I can’t imagine being without her.  In fact, the very thought of not being with her terrifies me. A month ago when I couldn’t sleep, it’s because I would wake up in the middle of the night scared that I was going to lose her.

I pretty much will do anything she wants.  I talked in a prior post about dropping what I do in order to do things for her.  It’s very accurate.  Even tonight, as I was cleaning up from dinner, she asked me to make her tea, which of course I did as soon as she asked, even though she told me I could wait until I was done with what I was doing.  Because that’s just the way I work.

She puts up with me.  I know that’s a curious way for me to characterize it, because she probably doesn’t feel that way, but it’s the way I characterize it, because I have absolutely no self-esteem.  I certainly have my drawbacks, and while my wife might have hers as well, love is stupid and blind and I will overlook them.  I will, however, be dwelling on my own and being highly critical of myself.  I will never do that with my wife.

I’m crazy about her, and I can’t imagine being with anybody else, and I can’t imagine anybody else putting up with me and my issues, so I guess we just happened to get lucky and both find the right person.


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