This is a post about nothing…

Today was a good day.

Everybody’s heard the expression, “No news is good news.”  That’s what I’ve got here.  The past few days have been very busy, keeping me occupied, so it’s been ok, without anything for me to really dwell on.  I’ve gotten in exercise, been busy with my job, and even spending a lot of time at Target trying to get a new mobile phone for my daughter, where Target and the carrier’s computers aren’t quite talking to each other.  None of it has bothered me.

It’s ok for this to happen every now and then.  It’s a bit of a breather between otherwise bad periods.  I’m a firm believer that depression is not really a mental defect, as it were, that it’s not normal.  Everybody is built differently.  Suffering from depression is no different from being short, or tall.  It’s just the way you are.  But society makes people feel bad because they aren’t happy all the time, as though somehow people can be completely different from others, but when it comes to mental health everybody should be the same.

So, today, while I feel ok about myself, and things are quiet, I’ll just enjoy this brief respite.  I’m sure tomorrow there will be something that doesn’t make me feel ok.


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