Today was a very bad day.

From where I sit in my living room, I can see three clocks.  There is the clock on my computer, the clock on the DVR, and a clock hanging over the fish tank.  That’s the one I probably look at the most, believe it or not.  I very rarely look at the one on my computer, and I’m just angled correctly to see it.  Plus, it’s had a nice big face it’s quit to glance up and give me an approximate sense of what time it is.

It’s on nights like tonight that I’m watching the clock.  It’s 10:30 at night as I write this.  I’ll need to go to bed by midnight, and when I’m done here I’ll spend the next hour and a half playing a stupid game on my phone watching the time tick by.  That is my life tonight: counting out ticks of the second hand as it endlessly spins around in a circle.  It’s a very bad day, and this is what I’m reduced to.


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