A little more run

Today is a good day.  Yesterday was a bad day.

I did another two miles, so I’m done with the WWWP5k challenge.  It’s good to get out there and run, or any sort of exercise.  At least that’s what the experts say.  I don’t ever get a running high, so I guess the days that I feel good after are the closest I’ll get to that.

Sometimes it’s good to exercise in groups.  Solitary running is sometimes not a good thing for me because it’s easy to start thinking bad thoughts, but if you’re with others exercising, you won’t end up mulling depressive thoughts. (Mostly.  I have done that too.)

So, exercise for your mind, and it will help all of you too. Also, I’m shamelessly plugging my other blog, The Depressed Runner, positive encouragement in running.


One thought on “A little more run

  1. In my own personal experience, running really helps me refocus my attention away from depressive thoughts. I usually run in solitary around a park where I see other people moving. I became aware of the pattern and prepare for it. When I start to feel that I’m not going to be okay, I lace up my running shoes, go out, and run. We will get through this, promise!

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