Today was a good day.

I work in Family Law, which is to say that I deal with people breaking up all the time.  It can be a bit pessimistic at times, because you think about how miserable these people have been.  They were happy enough to get together and procreate, but then for whatever reason they are no longer together, and quite often hate each other.

It can hit a bit harder when it’s somebody you know that’s going through it.  One of my colleagues (co-worker? friend? I really hate to use the term friend, but that’s probably a post for another day.) told me today that she and her husband are separating.  They’ve been together probably 10 years, have two kids, and while I don’t imagine that anybody’s marriage is perfect, they seemed happy.

Obviously I don’t know what happened, nor do I really care, but it makes me scared.  I wouldn’t want anything to happen to lose my wife, because I’m not sure I could handle it.  I think emotionally I would be absolutely destroyed, and given my state recently, I’m not sure I’m in a place where I would be able to guarantee my own safety.

But people go through this all the time.  Divorce is, and I don’t mean this in a good way, common, if people even get married at all.  Somehow they seem to just disentangle their lives and each person moves on (for the most part).  I don’t think I could. I honestly think I would just be totally lost.  I’m not saying that my wife would be fine with it, but I think it wouldn’t impact her as negatively as it would me.

I’m pretty lucky.  I know it.  Everything isn’t perfect, but I’m lucky to have her.


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