Today is a good day.

I think, every now and then, I’ll go back and touch on a few things I’ve addressed before.  Once I write an entry, I haven’t managed to cure the problem I was addressing and it’s important sometimes to just reevaluate things.

I’ve pretty much stayed off of Facebook, despite efforts by Facebook to make me check it.  I deleted the app from my home screen on my phone, but it’s still on my phone.  If somebody wants to tag me, or post an interesting article, I’ll take a look.  I’m not cutting it off entirely.  But, since I’m not checking it regularly, I’m now getting notifications, both on my phone and in e-mail, that people are posting photos, or updating their status.  At first I would check, but they don’t have anything to do with me, so now I’m just ignoring those as well.

I ran a 5k yesterday.  I was slower than other races that I’ve done because I haven’t been running as much since I did my last race on 4 July.  (It was a 4 miler, so a little longer than a 5k.)  I’m trying to put a more positive spin on running, so my focus yesterday wasn’t in setting a PR, but just relaxing, and enjoying the race and getting to the finish line.  I came up with a slogan while running.  “Run your own pace, run your own race.”  Let’s face it, I’m never winning a race.  I’m ok with it, but sometimes I get too focused on trying to hit a certain mark that I don’t listen to what my body is telling me.  I set my own pace from the start and ran how I felt.  It’s probably the best race I’ve had in a while.


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