On Anxiety

Something a little different today.

I suffer from Major Depression, or I should say I have been diagnosed with it. In hindsight, I probably experienced it far longer than I was diagnosed with it, probably extending back to my time in high school.

What I find worse is anxiety.  I have never been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, but after being diagnosed with major depression and put on medication for it, I was also prescribed medication for anxiety at the same time. And suddenly, I started experiencing anxiety.  Not the typical being anxious about having to do something that I wasn’t used to doing, but anxiety, out of the blue, for no reason what so ever.

Anxiety sucks.  The nervousness and physical reaction to it is just awful, worse than being in a depressed mood, and that isn’t so hot either.

Today, I’m anxious, so I can’t say whether it’s a good day or a bad day, because my frame of reference is completely off.  I think it’s otherwise been a good day, but maybe it isn’t.  I use “good day” and “bad day” as a means to figure out if things are going ok, and being in an anxious mood doesn’t allow me that.


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