I’m OK (I’m not OK)

Still bad days.

I used to watch House. The main character lived by one simple rule, “Everybody lies.”

I’m not different from anybody else. I lie, especially about myself and how I’m doing and feeling.  Sadly, most people don’t ever ask me how I’m doing in the first place.  In the last month I’ve had one person notice that I wasn’t my usual self and ask me how I was.  The ironic thing is that of all the people I work with, I’ve worked with her the least amount of time, and yet she was the only person who noticed.  Anyway, she said she noticed that I didn’t seem like my normal self and asked if everything was ok. I lied.

And I will lie.  I’m very honest with myself about this. Ask me how I am.  Everything is fine. I’m lying.


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