I’m exhausted.

I know where I fit in.  I’m the one that people think of last.  I work.  My wife works.  My kids go to school.  So, we have obligations outside of the house, and they take up most of our time.  But then there’s the rest of the time.  When my wife wants something, who takes care of it?  When my kids want something, who takes care of it?  When I want something, who takes care of it?  I do.

I’m oversimplifying here.  But, I find that I spend an inordinate amount of time waiting on others, even for simple things.  Then there’s the matter of things like vacations or just recreational activities.  It’s the rare occasion where it’s what I would want to do.  I go along with what the others want to do.

And then there’s my wife.  She works full time but she runs a small business out of the house.  She spends almost every evening working on it, although it’s stuff that isn’t pressing.  She also has decided that we’re going to purchase investment property.  That’s something I’ve been trying not to do for about five years, but finally I just gave in, because I can’t say no, and it’s something she decided she wanted to do so we’re going to do it.  So she’s busy almost all the time.  Where’s the time for me?  Everything is on her time table, nothing on mine.

I mainly just go about doing my typical routine, because I need to stick to my routines, and also, because that is all that I have, until I’m told otherwise.  I’m good at the routine.  My wife will mock me for it, saying I’m inflexible.   She’s the opposite, which is fine.  I don’t need her to be structured.  Somehow, I’m the most flexible item on her schedule, though.  Everything else comes before me.  This means that now, I just do my routine, and otherwise sit around and wait until I’m needed.


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