On Social Media

I survived Christmas.

You will have to forgive me because I think of things to write about and I’m not necessarily sure whether I’ve written about them before.  I don’t go back and read what I’ve written before.  I’ll often think about things to write about weeks in advance before I write about them, just going over them in my mind what I want to write, so that by the time I write about them, I don’t remember if I’ve already written about them.  Please give me your pardon.

I hate social media, which is funny because I write this blog, which is really an extension of a social media site like facebook.  It’s really facebook in particular.  I joined it a long time ago, and now it’s more of a habit.  I don’t have many friends, less than 50, but that’s really by choice.  I don’t like to share much about my life, because it would raise too many questions from my wife and parents.  I don’t really care much about other people’s lives either because they’re lives are more interesting than mine.  I’m not naive enough to think that everything is all sunshine and lollipops with them, but I see things better for them than for me.  Again, part of it is that I hide what I truly think, but the rest of it is that truly there is nothing interesting to my life.

I’ve tried to quit facebook.  You can’t.  I ended up joining again, and only one person made mention of the fact that I deactivated my account, and that’s because she wanted to post an article to my wall and couldn’t.  One person.  I think maybe my wife said something, but she’s used to me doing things like that.  But it’s just something that you just want to check in on and see what people are doing.  Some people communicate with me only through facebook now.  I try not to check it at all, but after reading news and sports and doing some other things, I just look to see what’s going on.  And it becomes a cycle.


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